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Buying a New Sedan? This Guide Will Help!

Even as people increasingly choose SUVs over other styles of cars, you can still find a number of sedans on the market to match any driving style, price bracket, or just about any other requirement you have. If you’re wondering how to go about picking the right sedan, you’re in the right place because this guide will help!

Should You Buy a Sedan?

Yes! Sedans make excellent cars. They’re a more efficient way (in terms of gas mileage) to transport up to five people in comparison to similar-sized SUVs, although SUVs may sometimes offer a little more passenger space than sedans. Also, sedans are lighter in comparison to SUVs and larger wagons, which means they’ll drive better, as well. 

Types of Sedans

– Subcompact sedans: These are the smallest sedans available and are usually the most inexpensive models as well. You can maneuver them pretty easily.

– Compact sedans: These cars offer better tech and safety features compared to the aforementioned type of sedans, and they also have more space. 

– Midsize sedans: Cars belonging to this category offer impressive tech features and make for a comfortable driving experience. The fuel economy is also pretty decent. 

– Full-size sedans: These sedans offer more legroom and a lot of trunk space. They are more expensive in comparison to other types of sedans. 

– Luxury sedans: These sedans feature powerful engines, great fuel economy, and make for a fun ride. 

What to Look for When Test-Driving a Sedan

– Cargo space: It’s important to look at not only how big a sedan’s cargo area is, but also (and more importantly) the shape of that cargo area. The trunks of two cars can have the same cubic footage, but the height and width of the trunk opening and cargo area’s shape can dramatically impact how the space can be used.

– Highway driving: If you intend to use this car as your daily driver, make sure to pay attention to how it performs on the highway. Look at the ride quality, stability, and noise during your test drive. 

– Check how spacious the rear seat is: Even if the sedan you are buying will be a single-occupant vehicle, check how comfortable and spacious the rear seat is. It’s a good idea to try sitting behind the driver’s seat to get an idea of how much space your co-passengers will have.  

– Visibility: Although modern-day sedans have a number of safety features, it’s important to check whether the car has any significant blind spots that could affect your visibility. 

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