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Top Vehicle Brands for The Year

Looking for a new car but don’t know where to start looking? Well, a simple way to start is by looking at the best brands available in the market. And we’ve listed them all here for you.


Mazda has been making excellent vehicles for over six years now. Any Mazda you buy will be beautiful, reliable, fun, well-equipped, well-built, practical with a handsome cabin.


Hyundai has been winning hearts and minds with their smart SUV offensive. Its cars are feature-packed, comfortable, reliable, practical, and well-appointed, and reasonably priced.


If you’re looking for a truck that’s affordable, comfortable to drive every day, comfortable, reliable, built well, practical for a family but still capable of doing all the work, look no further than Ram.


If you’re hunting for a luxury sports car that’s comfortable for daily drives, but very exciting on straights and twisty roads, but also reliable and practical, only Porsche can fit the bill.


Any Honda you choose will be good looking, comfortable, easy to drive, safe, practical, and well-equipped. All Hondas are among the best cars in each of their respective segments.


If you’re looking for a fun to drive, affordable, practical, and reliable car, then it’s got to be a Ford. Unless you’re looking for an iconic muscle car. Then it’s also a Ford Mustang.


Kia offers value propositions like few other brands. Its cars are built well, have quality interiors, are feature-packed, reliable, have great warranties, and user-friendly tech.


The brand for people who value reliability over all else. A Toyota will never surprise you. It will do the job it’s supposed to and do it well. All Toyotas’ are great choices in their segments.


If you’re looking for a daily driver that feels robust, has upscale interiors, user-friendly tech, safe, and engaging to drive, you’re looking for a Volkswagen.


This is a brand for people who value engine power and aggressive designs. Forget quality and practicality; this is the brand whose cars will beat anything between the lights.


The brand for people that love cars with a personality. And cars that are fun to drive. Minis aren’t super practical. But they’re very handsome and aren’t meant to be.

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