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Car Rental Hacks That Will Save You Money

Unless you’re getting a sports car or some other luxury vehicle, visiting a car dealership for a rental car is likely to be the least fun part of your trip. That said, renting a car is sometimes necessary to get yourself from point A to point B. However, you don’t have to pay a fortune to get a rental car. Here are a few rental car tips that could save you a lot of money the next time you need to make a reservation.

Look for Coupons

Before making your booking, ensure you check the rental car company’s website for coupon codes. You can also lookup rental car coupon codes on Google. It’s a good idea to do this since you may be able to save anywhere between 25% and 30% when you use a coupon code.

Make Use of Group Memberships

If you have an AAA, Costco, AARP, USAA, or BJ’s membership, you may be eligible to get discounts on car rentals.

Bundle Your Rental Car Booking

You can save a lot of money by bundling your rental car booking with your hotel accommodation or flight tickets.

Check if You Already Have Rental Car Insurance

Your current auto insurance plan may already cover rental cars. Also, most times, if you pay for a rental car with your credit card, you may be eligible to get complimentary rental car insurance. So, before you pay for the insurance coverage offered by your rental car company, it’s a good idea to check if you already have the coverage.

Don’t Rent a Car from The Airport

While getting a rental car at the airport is convenient, you also pay a premium for this convenience. So, avoid getting a rental car at the airport. Instead, take a cab or the bus to the city and look for a rental car company around where you are.

Take Photos and Videos of the Car When You Inspect It

When taking a look at the vehicle, make sure to take a video or snap a couple of pictures of any damages you may find. You should also report these damages to the company. If the rental car dealership tries to charge you for the damages at the time of returning the car, you’ll have proof that you didn’t cause them.

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